Project Inspiration

Project Inspiration is an initiative of the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. The aim of the project is to develop a low-cost, easy to manufacture and easy operatable mechanical ventilator that can be rapidly build, anywhere in the world.

Key Features


Can be put on the market in a short time with widely available parts.

Commercial delivery


Easy scalable production up to 1000 machines per week.


High robustness of the purely mechanical working principle.


Developed in collaboration with intensivists.

Easy to use

Easy to operate by untrained personnel.


Estimated costs between €1000-€2500.

More information about our features is found at:


See how the machine works and how to use it! Diego will explain piece by piece what our machine is and what it does.

He will also take you through the alarms and how to operate it. 

For the Spanish version klick the following link:

Driven by an impending shortage of ventilators, TU-researcher Gerwin Smit found inspiration in an English ventilator from the 1960s. Team Project Inspiration rebuilt the machine, keeping each part as simple as possible; the purely mechanical ventilator driver doesn’t require electronics. Smit thinks that hospitals in the Netherlands will not be needing this ventilator. But the publicly accessible specifications will allow people in low and middle-income countries to build ventilators locally.

Main partners

Let’s work together

If you want to collaborate as a clinical, industrial of financial partner, please fill out the contact form at the contact page.